Iron – Colour Steel

Coloursteel – Iron Painting System

Step One



The Roof is expertly water-blasted at 3000-4000PSI removing all Oxidation, moss, lichen, dirt and flakey paint off the surface. *Note FLAKEY IRON ROOFS at our discretion may need to be water blasted twice.

Step Two

The Roof is washed down with a moss spray killer to prevent any moss spores growing under the newly painted Roof.

Step Three

Loose and missing Nails are refastened, Surface rust treated and minor rust holes patched. (*Note Anything other than minor rust to sheets will require sheets to be replaced or refer to the Re-roofing page.)

Step Four

The Iron-Coloursteel roof is Expertly Airless spray painted using:

  • 1st Coat – Thick Polymer Acrylic Colour matched Gloss First Top Coat
  • 2nd Coat – Thick Polymer Acrylic Colour matched Gloss Second Top Coat

The 2 Coat Roof Paint Iron- Coloursteel system provides a durable protective finish which is designed to withstand the ravages of South Island climate and conditions.