Concrete Tile

Concrete Tile Painting System

Step One



The Roof is expertly water-blasted at 3000-4000PSI removing all moss, lichen, dirt and loose grit off the surface of the tiles.

Step Two

The Roof is washed down with a moss killer spray to prevent any moss spores growing under the newly painted roof.

Step Three

The Concrete tiles are checked and replaced or repaired as necessary.

Step Four

All Roof ridge and hip line pointing collar and bedding is repaired and replaced where necessary after which a liberal slurry compound is applied.
*(OPTIONAL Flexi Point Roof Repair entire roof at extra charge)

Step Five

The Concrete Tile roof is Expertly Airless spray painted using 1st Coat – Clear Sealing Coat
(*NOTE previously recoated non porous roofs do not require this Coat.)
2nd Coat – High-build Colour matched Polymer Acrylic Base Coat
3rd coat – Thick Polymer Acrylic Colour pigmented Gloss Top Coat

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The 3 Coat Concrete Tile Roof Paint System provides a durable protective finish which is designed to withstand the ravages of South Island climate and conditions.