We are the New Zealand agent for Crommelin and the Fibroseal System.

Our Applicator are certified in the following areas:

  • Members of the Roofing association NZ
  • OSH certified asbestos roofing
  • OSH certified working at heights
  • Site safe certified
  • A.P.A.S.

The Fibroseal System has a proven track record for over 15 years. It is a controlled treatment and encapsulation of asbestos that was developed to minimise the danger of hazardous airborne fibres and provide an attractive and durable finish.

WITH OVER 40 YEARS EXPERIENCE in roof restoration we bring you a service of quality painting, repairs and maintenance ALL New Zealand.


The Fibroseal System


The Problem

Asbestos surfaces undergo a weathering process after many years of exposure and a loose surface layer develops which, on roofs, becomes colonized with dark coloured lichen. The lichen attacks the cement causing exposure of the asbestos fibres. The surface becomes unstable, the asbestos sheeting is weakened and the darkened colour causes a substantial increase in roof cavity temperatures. The traditional process for coating asbestos roofs was to firstly clean the roof with high-pressure water to remove all lichen and loose asbestos fibres. This procedure however, was banned on health grounds, creating a need for a system that could be applied straight to the degraded asbestos without disturbing the surface.

The unstable nature of weathered asbestos surfaces is a cause of some concern in the community and The Fibroseal System has been developed to minimise the danger of hazardous airborne fibres provide an attractive durable finish.

The Solution

Over 15 years ago, Crommelin addressed this problem and developed the Fibroseal System to achieve the following:

  • The binding and encapsulation of asbestos fibres.
  • Avoiding costly downtime associated with replacement of asbestos.
  • A significant reduction in roof cavity temperatures resulting in savings in building cooling costs.
  • An extension of the service life of asbestos structures.
  • A completely water based and truly environmentally friendly system.
  • Provides a rejuvenated appearance in a range of decorative colours.


The System

Through extensive research and development, Crommelin developed Fibroseal Primer. The primer soaks through the lichen and degraded asbestos down to the sound base material, binding these unstable elements. Fibroseal Topcoat is then applied to the primed surface to provide a durable, decorative, UV resistant protective coating. Active ingredients in Fibroseal Topcoat also resist the growth of moss and lichen.

Recommended Application Procedure

An applicator, with technical support from Crommelin should undertake the following:

  • An assessment of the state of the existing asbestos
  • Provide a specification to encapsulate the assessed surface
  • Application of the specified number of coats of Fibroseal Primer
  • A Re-assessment of the complete binding of the asbestos fibres by the Fibroseal Primer (further Fibroseal Primer may be required)
  • Application of the specified number of coats of Fibroseal Topcoat

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